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College Savings Plans

From diapers to a degree - saving for college is a financial goal that will make a real difference!

529 College Savings Plans are specifically designed to help parents, grandparents, and others save for college.

Roche Investment Professionals can help you strategically invest and manage college savings. The 529 College Savings Plan is designed to maximize your return on investment; and with you as the custodian of the account you can be as aggressive or as conservative as you want while maintaining control.

  • College parents, grandparents, relatives, friends, or any other donor can deposit money in your child's account.
  • Earnings grow tax free for college.
  • Students, as long as they are US citizens, can receive a certain amount per year tax free for education costs.
  • Money can be used for almost any expense related to college.
  • Funds can be transferred to another sibling if your child does not go to college or if there is extra money after graduation.

It’s never too late. Experience the difference and Contact Roche Financial today to find out how to start saving for school.

Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses associated with municipal fund securities before investment. This information is found in the issuer’s official statement and should be read carefully before investing. Investors should also consider whether the investor’s or beneficiary’s home state offers any state tax or other benefits available only from the state’s 529 Plan. Any state-based benefit should be one of many appropriately weighted factors in making an investment decision. The investor should consult his or her financial or tax advisor before investing in any state’s 529 Plan.